China's home furnishing industry: believe in innovation and win-win

2021-12-22 管理员 Read 736

       "When a bird stands on any tree, no matter in spring, summer, autumn or winter, it never worries about the branches breaking, because it believes in its own wings." Wang Dawei, chairman of the seller's committee of China Furniture Association, said that the firm confidence and strength of home furnishing practitioners towards the era of integration, intelligence and a better lifestyle.

       Human beings are accompanied by household products 24 hours a day. China is the largest household market in the world. With these two points alone, home furnishing practitioners have the confidence to cross the cycle and achieve win-win coexistence. What makes enterprises more hopeful is that since this year, all kinds of consumption promotion policies from the central to local governments should be fully implemented to make people dare and willing to consume. In August, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development, the Ministry of Commerce and other departments jointly released the Action Plan for Promoting the High Quality Development of the Home Furnishing Industry, which further pointed out the direction for the industry to enter a high-level virtuous circle of "supply creates demand, demand pulls supply".

       The home furnishing industry is in the transition stage from high-speed development to high-quality development. How can we get a new life? Innovation is the only way. More and more enterprises have lost their fixed thinking, thought about the direction of innovation, and put into innovative action. New business forms such as reverse customization and smart home are growing vigorously. Focusing on further stimulating and releasing household consumption demand, the future innovation of household enterprises is promising in two aspects.

       On the one hand, China's basic household consumption demand is far from being met in many areas. For example, the field of home furnishing for the elderly started late in China, and there are few related brands, but the population of 65 years old and above in China has reached 190 million. Whether it is home care, community care, or institutional care, a large number of enterprises that know the elderly need to study their demands and develop home furnishing for the elderly suitable for various scenarios.

       On the other hand, in the era of a better lifestyle, we should open our minds and make innovations. The incremental space of the home market is immeasurable. Today, people may not lack storage space for customized cabinets, but yearn for a lifestyle; Changing beds and sofas may be due to their design. From urban white-collar workers to young people in small towns and rural consumers, their continuously upgraded consumer demand will breed a new track worthy of deep cultivation.

       The life of Chinese people has poetry and distance. The home furnishing industry will find confidence from the 5000 years of Chinese civilization and become an aesthetic life service provider from a home furnishing manufacturer. It is only a matter of time before China's home furnishing industry, which lacked originality, brand and extensive development in the past, will undergo great changes and become a powerful country in home furnishing innovation, design and brand. (Source: Economic Daily Author: Zheng Yang)